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4 Step Method to Challenge Negative Thoughts

Everyone has feelings of doubt sometimes. When these feelings rise to the level of troublesome issues like “Imposter Syndrome”, I use and teach a 4-Step written method to turn it around in a hurry.

I’m Amy Lynn and I’m an artist and mentor- I help my students go from “Anxious Artist to Confident Creative”, and this method will work for anyone who is open, honest and willing to improve.

My 4-Step method is simplified here for you:

Step 1- Identify– Write down the icky thoughts that are causing you to feel bad. Writing it down will give you both clarity and some distance.
Step 2- Challenge– Write your answers to these 4 questions for each negative thought. Is this thought TRUE? Is this thought MINE? Did it first come from someone else? Do I really believe this?
Step 3- Correct Write down an example of evidence from your life that contradicts the negative thought. This is your PROOF of your capabilities and reminds you of your successes. You’re correcting the record here.
Step 4- Decide -Ask yourself what you are getting if you continue to hold this negative belief. Do you get to stay stuck? Comfortable? Or do you want to risk being uncomfortable and find out how good things can go? Give yourself permission, in writing, to disregard that negativity and to choose a new line of thinking and feeling that will support your goals.

What we gain by this important action is the awareness that we can challenge our own thinking and use the tools to do the work. When we think better, we can feel better.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any questions. I’m happy to help.

All the Best,
Amy Lynn

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