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Creative.  Nurturing.  Modern.  Connect with the art that loves you back.

I am so pleased that everyone who collects artwork from Blossom and Reed knows they are getting authentic, one-of-a-kind inspired works of art worthy of the most contemplative souls on the journey.

~Amy Lynn, Artist

Before I created Blossom and Reed I had long enjoyed drawing and painting the things of nature- animals and plants, especially- in a very detailed and precise way.

Then one day I realized I was craving more peace and stillness in my surroundings.  I wanted less clutter, more meaning; less distraction and more quiet time.  Examining my true priorities turned me toward mindfulness, simplicity and richer experience of daily life. This new, more purposeful and focused way of living also began showing up in my art.

I was concerned that, 

as a highly sensitive person, this more expressive style of intuitive abstract painting might not be very well received.

But then I found…

I enjoyed learning more about the powerful impact colors and patterns can have us on every level- mental, emotional and spiritual.  Simplifying my surroundings, eliminating distractions and adding calming colors makes room for more connection to what’s truly important in life.

I set out to create the most authentic and mindful works of art to offer a calming and nurturing atmosphere wherever you want to create one.  Beautiful images on which to ponder and reflect. As you take time to contemplate meaning in your life and make spaces to connect more to your inner self, your higher power, your source of love and gratitude, may the sense of peaceful calm grow around you. Lovely art in your environment can play a significant role in this process.

It turns out the road was more difficult than I imagined.

There was much to learn about the psychology of colors and their effects on the human person. This led me to delve deeper into my art, as well as learning about both quantum physics and spirituality. 

I pushed forward with a true sense of purpose to serve others with beauty, connection and in love and friendship. Finally, the studio doors were opened and I feared my tribe wouldn’t come.

Through it all the first collections were released, and the response has been epic! Pure love from everyone who sees them.

The best part? Connecting to art you love CAN love you back- and does so when you reflect deeply on the beauty and joy in your surroundings. Contemplation is the indispensable tool for soothing the highly sensitive person’s soul. It brings rest and refreshment to mind and body, elevating the inner landscape and allows for a richer experience in daily life.


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